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My personal spiritual healing got started out of an interest in sound therapy.  As a classical musician, the idea that sound frequencies could alter matter, and clear out emotional blockages made perfect sense to me and I started formal sound healing training at the New York Open Center in NYC.

Throughout the 8 month program, I was receiving bi-weekly reiki sessions as part of my own healing journey.  After each session, I would feel balanced, and peaceful.  There was no doubt to me that physical and emotional shifts were taking place.  Several years later, I was drawn to take a Shamanic reiki workshop at the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck NY. 

Shamanic reiki provided me with a foundation I had been missing - a connection to spirit and nature, and helped me to finally make the big shifts in my life that I had been looking for.  It may not be for everyone.  But it changed me deeply, and I am forever grateful to the people who have protected and shared this knowledge. 

Combining Shamanic practices with reiki and sound offers so much variety and possibility on a healing path.  Each modality is incredibly powerful on its own.  But when they work together, they enhance and deepen the experience. 

Integrity of the lineage is important to me, so I do my very best to keep these practices intact as they were taught to me.  All Indigenous practices are shared with permission.   

About Tiffany: 


Tiffany Radovich is a certified Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher (SRMT) and certified Sound Healing Practitioner.  She studied Shamanic Reiki at the Omega Institute and Shamanic Reiki Worldwide with teachers: Llyn Cedar Roberts, Stacey Gibbons, Robert Murphy, and Jonathan Hammond.  Tiffany studied  Sound Healing at the Integrative Sound and Music Institute at the New York Open Center, where her teachers included Alexandre Tannous, Silvia Nakkach, John Beaulieu, Thomas Amelio, and Joshua Leeds. 


Tiffany lives in Bolton Landing, NY.  

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