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About Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic reiki is a combination of two ancient healing modalities that compliment each other perfectly.

First, what is reiki?

Reiki is the subtle vital life force energy that animates everything in and around us.  It goes by many names: Qi or Chi, Prana, and Universal Life Force.  As the energy of nature and creation, reiki only brings life and healing.  When we make the choice to actively engage with this energy, it can be directed wherever it is needed.  In a session, the practitioner intentionally engages with and channels reiki into the client's body, to be utilized wherever it is most needed for healing.  Ultimately, it is the client's intention that sets the healing in motion.  Reiki is gentle, yet offers deep and powerful healing by assisting us to release blockages and balance our energetic bodies.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism refers to most ancient form of spirituality practiced by humans, and includes a wide variety of healing practices from indigenous peoples all over the world.  While practices may vary from culture to culture, Shamanic practices use the spirit world, nature beings, the elements, sound, and ceremony.  

Shamanic reiki combines the power of nature, the spirit realm, and intention to bring deep and powerful healing in a way that empowers the individual.  Personally speaking, I have found Shamanic reiki to be the single most important piece on my personal journey to Self Love.  If you'd like to discover if Shamanic reiki is a fit for you, contact me for a free consultation.  


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