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May 13 - 25, 2021: The Trecena of Kan

Updated: May 25, 2021

The Sacred Mayan Calendar contains weeks made up of 13 days, longer than the 7 day weeks in the Gregorian calendar. The 13 day week is called a "trecena", and the archetypal energy that lands on the first day of the trecena acts as the emotional drive throughout the rest of the week.

Kan (KAHN) is the Serpent, the Snake and represents power, and wisdom. Kan is the kundalini energy, Chi, Prana, the life force energy that is within all things. Kan represents the lightening in the blood, electricity. Kan is extremely powerful, and can bring either great healing or great destruction. The wisdom of Kan can manifest in light or darkness, depending on how it is used. We can think of Kan as the fire building up from within, powerful and creative. Kan is fiery sexual energy. In the story of Adam and Eve, the Serpent represented wisdom and forbidden knowledge. Kan reveals to us the sacred inner fire within each of us. It is a force that builds and enlightens us from within, and opens us up to energies that surround us.

Kan is related to our nervous system, spine, and genitals. We can see the energy of Kan originating in the sacral chakra, and moving up the spine and throughout the nervous system. On Kan days, we can feel our own inner electricity alive and buzzing. We can know our aliveness and inner power, and direct it to where it is needed most.

Today is the first day of the trecena of Kan. One represents the great consciousness, the collective, great force and power. One reminds us of our eternal connection to all, that we are never really separate. Day 1 of the trecena is the beginning, the start, the great consciousness. One is all about thought and stillness, it’s the moment before movement begins. One gives us the opportunity to set intentions, make preparations and plans before we begin our journey ahead. One is about unity, the space where there is no separation, there is no “other”. One days give us the opportunity to embrace the energy of the new trecena, or first day of the 13 day week of the Sacred Mayan Calendar. So, today’s energy is the beginning of the journey - whatever journey you choose that to be.

The energy of Kan will be with us for the next 13 days, and is available as the emotional drive and motivation for this trecena. Allow this very powerful energy to move with you and through you, and let it reveal its wisdom to you. Take this opportunity to connect and feel the creative fire and electricity within you and around you. Enjoy this powerful time with Kan!

Thanks for reading!

Sending love,


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