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May 26 - June 7, 2021: Trecena of Tijax

Tijax (TEE-HAHSH) is the Obsidian blade - the energy that cuts away what is no longer needed in order to reveal truth and bring out the Divine. Tijax is the energy of refinement and precision - it’s polishing the rough gem to bring out its beauty and perfection. Ultimately, Tijax is about healing, by removing what no longer serves and allowing goodness to remain.

Tijax is the nawale of the healer, as well the Holy warrior. In the Mayan creation myths, we have the story of the Hero Twins, Junajpu (HOON-AHKPOO) and Ixbalanque (EESH-BA-LAN-KAY), who go on various quests to save the world. On their first quest, the twins are tasked to destroy false Gods, and in doing so they brought truth, balance and healing to the world. This is where we can see both the warrior and healing aspects in Tijax.

Tijax has the ability to uncover the Divine truth within. But this may not simply be a matter of black and white, as there is always some truth to be found in all things. So Tijax should be wielded carefully and precisely. It has that sharp edge to it, and takes a bit of discernment, especially in communication. Tijax has a tendency to be forceful and can at times be brutal in its honesty.

You can think of the trecena as the emotional motivation, or purpose that energizes the days that follow. Tijax days are very powerful days for cutting energetic cords and releasing that which no longer serves. During this trecena of Tijax, you can take this opportunity to cut away the old and revealing your deepest truths. This trecena begins on the Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse, which will amplify the opportunity for change and transormation. Take some time to reflect on what you would like to shift and release with the assistance of all these powerful energies available to you.

Happy Releasing!

Thanks for reading,


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